Hein Meijers (English)

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Hein Meijers is a Dutch science journalist and  science communicator.

Meijers Communication started in 1993 as The European Science Communication and Information Network (ESCIN) to improve the appreciation and understanding of basic and applied scientific research among Europe’s citizens and opinion-formers. From 1993 on ESCIN brought together the heads of communication from most of Europe’s major research councils, institutes and associations.

In 2009 Meijers Communication continued the work of ESCIN and supports initiatives in the field of science communication aimed at the general public and specific target groups with advice, concept development and supervision of projects. Meijers Communications is committed to a constructive dialogue on science and technology-related issues; a practical approach and editorial independence.

 Recent books (all in Dutch) and projects 

  • Book on the history of Meijers family
  • Book on the 200th anniversary of  Non Sordent in Undis, the  oldest student club at  Leiden University
  • Book on the 100th anniversary  of The Erasmus University of Rotterdam (2013)
  • The Encyclopaedia of Useless Facts (2013), also reprinted in 2016
  • The balls of the Emperor (2012)
  • Book on the 25th  anniversary of the Medical department of Tilburg University
  • PA and PR advise for the Platform Wiskunde Nederland (PWN, the national Dutch organization for mathematics
  • PA and PR for The Technology Foundation and Technological Board STW
  • PA and PR for the University Medical Centers (UMCs) of the Netherlands
  • Board Museum Boerhaave
  • Director of Meijers Communication
  • Director of ESCIN, the European Science Communication and Information Network

Past projects and customers

  • Member of AAAS 
  • Member of the outreach committee ESOF 2004 in Stockholm
  • Member of the Media & Marketing Comity of ESOF 2012 in Dublin
  • Director of Communications NWO, the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (1987/2009)
  • Jury Academische Jaarprijs (best proposal for a nation-wide  science communication project) (2005-2009)
  • Columnist of Natuurwetenschap en Techniek (1989/1992)
  • Founder and moderator of the Spinoza debates at The Hague, the Paradiso lectures in Amsterdam and Soup lectures for the Dutch Parliament (200/2009)
  • Founder and principal editor of the National Science Quiz (together with VPRO -TV and most Dutch independent newspapers (1994 – 2010)
  • Founder of Bessensap (the annual  state of the art presentation of Dutch science and scientific research)
  • Founder of Eureka Price ( best achievements in the area of science communication)
  • Board Jos Withagen Foundation (1970/1974)
  • Chief Editor of Quod Novum, the independent weekly magazine of Erasmus University Rotterdam ( 1968/1987)

Hein Meijers and Meijers Communication can be reached via heinmeijers@outlook.com



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